Transforming Your RepliKate

What happens when your Repli-Kate isn’t

quite what you want it to be…

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Case and Point:

My Jaime Mascaro Clutch….it’s Pink…TOTALLY NOT ME…AT ALL (I’m not a Pink Girl)


Granted…I lucked out and found the same ‘GO TO’ clutch Kate uses on eBay…but there was no way I was going to use it in that hue…so what to do?

Dye It!


Angelus! The miracle Treatment!

Jaime Mascaro Black Ribbon Clutch

  1. Prep the Leather (rub the grain in the same direction with Alcohol) This will clean the leather and prep it for the dye.
  2. Shake the Bottle of Dye.  Apply the dye using the the sponge provided, make sure to apply the dye in the  same direction as the way you prepped it.
  3. I decided to keep dying it, (takes about an hour to dry between layers) 5 layers total….I may keep going (it took 3 bottle of dye ;))
  4. After the last layer, I painted the acrylic stitching with a acrylic dye, including the ribbon (it may also need another layer…but Im waiting to see how it wears.
  5. Lastly, I treated the clutch with waterproofing spray to make sure that the new dye job wouldn’t transfer onto my hands.
  6. Don’t forget to brush it after, to make sure the grain is tufted ;)


Jaime Mascaro Black Ribbon Clutch


Jaime Mascaro Black Ribbon Clutch


This is something you can do with your other suede pieces…just takes imagination and the ‘GO FOR IT’ attitude!




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