the SKIN (Oh! and a Giveaway!!!)

Let’s face it, Kate was blessed with amazing genetics (and just pure luck), however you can’t say that it’s all genetics.  Having great skin takes work.

1.   BLEACH It

Bleach It

People always give me a quizzical look when I mention that I bleach the hair on my face…Yes it is weird, but here is why I do it.  I am brunette, so I sometimes get pesky hairs that are slightly colored and create shadows on my face (around my upper lip, side burns, and near my temples).  I have a high threshold for pain so I have tried waxing and threading, but it wasn’t worth it.  Because it is peach fuzz there really isn’t a need to wax it or thread it….all it needs is a quick bleaching.  Takes 5 Minutes.


Jolen Bleachphoto taken from:

2.   MASK It

Mask It

Wanna Zap That Zit? or Purge your skin of any hidden impurities? Head straight to a skin mask.  I have been using masks since I was a little girl.  It is like bringing the spa straight home.  Takes no more than 10 minutes (but if you are soaking in the tub, who cares…).  Note, sometimes masks lure the zits beneath, so don’t freak out if you break out the next day….give it a day or two….the blemishes will disappear.

SUGGESTED PRODUCT: Borghese Volcanic Mud Mask

Borghese Mud Mask photo taken from:

3.   SCRUB It

Scrub It

Uneven skin? Use a a lovely all natural facial scrub to buff away any dry/dead skin.  Give yourself an immediate glow.  For those who have sensitive skin, I suggest a lighter scrub that won’t irritate you (FRESH Sugar Face Polish…It smells AMAZING).  Some of my favorite scrubs are found at FRESH cosmetics (available at Sephora).  Takes 5 minutes.

SUGGESTED PRODUCTS: Fresh Sugar Face Polish & Fresh Soy Face Exfoliant

Fresh Scrubphoto taken from:

4.   BRUSH It

Brush It

Unruly Brows? Ever thought of using a toothbrush to straighten them out?  My brows have a mind of their own, so sometimes I take a tooth brush to them to make sure they fall in line…if they are really being difficult, I spray some hairspray on the brush head before I straighten them out.

SUGGESTED PRODUCT: Instead of going out and buying a new tooth brush, use the toothbrush your dentist gives you after your yearly exam (we have a drawer of them in our house) OR an old mascara brush.

5.   BUFF It

Buff ItSometimes, my lips are dry and pale looking.  One way to get rid of the dry skin on your lips as well give them a color boost, is to scrub them with a little bit of lotion and a toothbrush (or a old mascara brush)…if you haven’t tried this, it works wonders! Takes 2 minutes.

SUGGESTED PRODUCT: Old toothbrush or Old Mascara Brush

6.  SPOT It

Spot It

Here’s something everyone can appreciate and do!  Ever wake up with a blemish that is just won’t go away? Head straight over to your toothpaste tube and get to spotting.  Toothpaste is a great way to extract and dry out those nasty blemishes (also great on infected mosquito bites ;)) Before bed make sure you apply the toothpaste and let it dry, head straight to bed and wake up with clearer skin.

SUGGESTED PRODUCT: Any brand of toothpaste


Please, Please, Please DO NOT forget to moisturize.  Make sure you have the right kind of moisturizer for your face and your routine.  Apply in the morning and at Night.

SUGGESTED PRODUCT: Dermalogica’s Active Moist

Dermalogica Active Moist

8.  LEAVE It

Is that zit driving you crazy? DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH IT! Popping a zit or picking at it not only leaves a scar but it also spreads the bacteria.  You are only hurting yourself when you decide to take your ring or Q-Tips to that black head!


DO YOU HAVE ANY SKIN CARE SECRETS?  POST COMMENTS, I would love to try them out!



As promised when we hit 500 followers on Facebook, I said I would have a little drawing.

One of my goals is to share my endeavors and projects (as well as my friend’s) with you guys.   Sooo, I asked one of my friends who owns a business called  SAILOR GIRL SOAPS to make a customized soap inspired by Kate.  The outcome:

The Duchess

SGS ContestA perfect mixture of Gardenia and Orange Blossom.

  • Use to scent your bathroom, shoe closet, underwear drawer, closet, room, car…ANYWHERE.
  • Or use it the plain old fashioned way ;)

A Little Info regarding SAILOR GIRL SOAPS


Handmade soap by the proud mother of a Navy girl and to all Veterans that served before her!


To do something that I love and in the process and contribute something to those that have given their all to protect us. Including my girl!

All Soap and lip balm made from variations of shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, and palm kernel flakes. No animal fats, artificial color or preservatives. Soap is individually wrapped in beautiful fabric and ribbon.
A portion of the proceeds to be donated to The USO and the Wounded Warriors Project.

HERE’S HOW TO ENTER THIS GIVEAWAY (3 winners will be selected):


1.  COMMENT here & let me know what your favorite Repli-Kate Oufit has been (IE: Outfit 25, Outfit 126, etc, if you can’t remember just mention what it looked like). For 1 ENTRY

2. POST If you want to earn an additional entry, please post a Repli-Kate you have obtained or an outfit that you just lOVE.

ENTRIES MUST ME IN BY 06.16.2013 (6pm PST)

NOTE: the point of this giveaway is to give thanks to my followers for supporting my page and to encourage our community to share their favorite Repli-Kates with each other!!!!

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  1. Laura S. says:

    So hard to pick a favorite outfit, so I’ll just one with ONE of them. The Vneck sweater, pleated skirt and Aquascutum Scarf. So adorable!

  2. michael ann says:

    My favorite outfit is the recent “extra outfit”- white coat/dress with burgundy shoes- It is fabulous!

  3. Merna says:

    All your outfits are GREAT! But my favorite one is you most recent one ‘extra outfit’, it doesn’t have a number but it’s between 157 and 158. It’s very Kate but you’ve added your twist to it :)

  4. Auds Rulz says:

    I seriously love ALL your outfits, but since I MUST choose one, Outfit #106 was it! Any outfit with that gorgeous Pine Needles dress, actually :-P

  5. Julia Domok says:

    I just can’t decide between 97 and 123 :). 97 because that color looks really great on you and 123 because it’s very Kate but with a twist.

  6. Tisha says:

    137, 123, 89, 82, 64. Oh I can’t decide. I like so many and gives me so many ideas out of my own closet.

  7. Jenny M says:

    I really love all of your outfits! They are a great inspirations! But if I had to choose it would be in between Outfit #40,#152, and #90.! I love #40 the most!!

  8. Anna says:

    Outfit 155! My new favorite. In fact, I am planning to buy the green coat from Tatiana’s tailor and repliKate you (I have the dress, pashmina, and shoes). Thanks for all your hard work and the daily inspiration!!

  9. Jill Williams says:

    I love the long black dress that you wore for your grandmother’s 78th birthday. The black lace one – but I don’t think it had an outfit number. You looked like you had just stepped out of a limousine :)

  10. Devon Mather says:

    My favorite outfit is the “extra outfit” I doesn’t have a number but you just look so pretty in it and thank you for all the replikate looks they are all amazing!!

    • Karen Friend says:

      Ps…Geez..I sent my previous comment with posting my fav outfit!! Had to be the one you wore to your Grandmother’s BD…but honestly I love all your outfits and look forward to seeing what you wear each day :)

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