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Today’s post is about my newest Repli-Kate purchase (Zimmermann Broderie Anglaise Roamer Dress)and the importance of wearing Polarized Sunglasses (Maui Jim Lenses Especially) given the sunny months are vastly approaching (for me they are already here! 94 degrees today)

Maui Jim HoloHolo

Maui Jim HoloHolo


First things First! MY DRESS!  Unfortunately I did not jump immediately onto the bandwagon when Kate first wore her Zimmermann Roamer Broderie Anglaise Dress….it SOLD OUT….and I was gutted having not purchased the dress when it was restocked.

What to Do?

Scour eBay until someone lists their dress for an obscene price? Contact every Zimmermann store in the world in the hopes they had one in back stock? Doubtful!


Instead I opted for AliExpress, I scoured through listings until I found a store that seemed to have the best quality for the price.  I purchased my dress during one of their ‘SALES’ (just in case the dress was a dud) within 1 week I had the dress (IMPRESSIVE! Since it was coming from China).  I opted to remove the lining around the skirt as it didn’t really look right (since it was white you could see it) and I opted to wear a beige slip instead. SCORE! HUGE SUCCESS!

Zimmermann Roamer Day Dress

Overall, for the price I am super happy with the dress.  Unlike the original Zimmermann (I was able to see a similar dress in their LA store) the fabric isn’t as thick or structured (something that could easily be rectified with starch).  The latticing is a nylon material instead of cotton, not noticeable on camera but definitely in person.  I opted for the largest size and then had it take in as this allotted me more fabric for length as I have noticed that anything coming from China ends up at least 6 inches too short for me.  The Broderie is different, however the embroidery is quite playful so it works.



Now onto the Sunglasses!

Working in the Eyewear industry has opened my eyes to the importance of UV & Glare Protection.  For the last decade I have focused my attention on educating my patients on how imperative it is that they wear POLARIZED sunglasses anytime they go outside (CLOUDY DAYS EVEN!)

Maui-Jim Logo

I discovered Maui Jim sunglasses at 18, and I have never once looked back.  I can honestly say they are the best sunglass lenses I have ever owned (and ironically are actually ranked #1 in the world when it comes to the protection and technology…SO YAY…I was giving my eyes the best as a teenager and I didn’t even know it!)


Maui Jim Venus Pools

Since Kate has been seen rocking a Pair of Polarized Folding Ray Bans, I thought I would put in my two cents on Polarized lenses :)


  1. ANYTIME YOU ARE OUTSIDE THERE IS UV AND POLARIZED LENSES PROTECT YOU FROM IT (Just because you can’t see the sun doesn’t mean the UV isn’t around, have you ever been sunburned on a foggy/cloudy day? if so your eyes probably got a little burned too)
  2. UV A (AGING) UV B  (BURNS) UV C  (CANCER) (Yep…all these UVs cause our eyes mas problemas..Maui Jims are the only ones that protect you against UV C in the United States)
  3. GLARE CAUSES SQUINTING AND EYE STRAIN (Treatments like Maui Jim’s Dual Flash Mirror stops your eyes from squinting… IE: BOTOX WITHOUT THE BOTOX :))
  4. BLUE BLOCKING (Certain polarized lenses offer Blue Blockers…why is that important? Our eyes HATE BLUE LIGHT! and it’s everywhere! It causes eye strain and stress)
  5. PROTECTION AGAINST GROWTHS ON YOUR EYE (UMMM YUCK! I have a growth on my eye from my teenage years…protect your eyes so you don’t have nasty burns and growths around your iris.
  6. YOU CAN SEE PAST REFLECTIONS (Polarized lenses block glare (reflections) every time the sun reflects off of a surface, the glare amplifies…meaning….NO BUENO for those baby blues, browns and greens. (only caveat…most polarized lenses mess with UV filters on cars, plane cockpits, cell phones, gas station terminals and the screens in cars….MAUI JIM lenses are the only lenses I have used that don’t seem to cause any disruption…I would however test the lenses on older technology as I own an iPhone 6…not sure about other cell phones)
  7. CLARITY AND ENHANCEMENT (there are only a handful that give you crispness and clarity as well as enhancement, I always encourage one to go outside with the two types they are comparing to FEEL the difference…Maui Jim is 1 of 2 brands that use a patented color enhancement (vs color adjustment).
  8. THEY GIVE YOU ENOUGH LIGHT FOR YOUR EYES TO ADJUST IN FLUCTUATING LIGHT SCENARIOS (Just because the lenses are dark does not mean they are protecting you.  It is actually doing the opposite.  Dark lenses trick your eye into thinking its dark out…causing your eyes to dilate…which in turn allows all the harmful UV and glare into your eyes….UMM NO THANK YOU! You can say you have sensitive eyes and then go for a dark lens…however they aren’t going to do anything for you…except make your eyes ever more sensitive in the future)




I honestly could go on and on and on…given this is what I do all day long…however I will sleep soundly knowing I at least shared the minimum.  If you have more questions feel free to ask me in the comments below.

 If I could I would give everyone the opportunity to own a pair of MAUI JIMS as they truly are the best.  Instead I encourage you to comment and engage in conversations about Polarized sunglasses…You never know what could happen if you do (ummmm maybe a VIP card for new pair of sunglasses?…Maybe…its worth commenting and then finding out :))




  1. Hannah says:

    I have very fair skin and eyes. My dermatologist said that you can get eye cancer from sun exposure and with my history, I’m at high risk so to make sure to wear good polarized sunglasses. Thanks for educating everyone and the dress is great!!!!

    • RepliKateIt says:

      Cancer under the eye is on the rise! So many people don’t think to protect that area of their face…let alone their eyes. If someone went up to me, handed me glasses and said the cancer association has recommended this brand of eyewear for preventative care against cancer….I wouldn’t care what they look like, I would wear them! Thankfully Maui Jim has cute ones (thank god! lol)

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Can’t thank you enough for this information. I have light grey eyes and can’t do anything outside without sunglasses. The information you’ve provided has just helped me select a new pair. I always learn something from you people!
    The dress is lovely, and your decision to remove the stark white lining and replace it with a nude colored slip really makes it look classy.

    • RepliKateIt says:

      Honestly Elizabeth…hearing this….warms my heart. If anything can be taken away from this, it is that eye health is so important and doesn’t just have to be a fashion statement, they can also be a medical device. I learned the hard way…but luckily I was young enough to correct my ways. Feel free to share you newest sunglass purchase on the FB page :) We would love to see it!

  3. Thalia says:

    Thank you Princess Brittany for sharing!
    You look fabulous in the dress and perfect makeup.
    I found this post very educational because I don’t think about polarized sunglasses but just sunglasses!
    It is good to know polarized is more protection to your eyes. Now I know to wear SFP and polarized sunglasses even on a cloudy day.

  4. Nancy says:

    So glad you are posting again and making great collages! The info on sunglasses is very helpful.

    Can you share the specific store you bought the dress from?


  5. Kaci says:

    Thanks for all of the great information! I didn’t know there were so many great benefits of polarized lenses!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I was so inspired by your article, that I’ve ordered a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses, yes polarized! Thank you for all the great information about the importance of wearing sunglasses.

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