Q&A :) & A Giveaway

Question #1: Kate’s black belt she wore to the St. Patrick’s Day event two years ago  From every photo I see, it seems like it has no buckle. Is it some sort of magical belt that fits perfectly with no buckle?


L.K.Bennett- Alana Taupe Patent Belts - Medium-LargeTaken from LK Bennett (Alana Patent Wide Adjustable Belt)

This wonderful belt is not magic, all though it does look magical.  It is a Buckle-less snap belt .  The seam is usually  in the center (front or back) or the side…in Kate’s case it is in the back.  While I haven’t found a recent belt that looks just like Kate’s, here is one I found at LK Bennett that could be used the same way (just put the snaps in the back )


Question #2: When wearing trousers or jeans with booties, should I match the socks with my pants/jeans or to the booties?


Booties! For me, I wear hose/socks that match the shoe I am  wearing.  My thought is, if somehow my stockings were to be exposed, would it look right with the outfit as a whole?  The color of the stocking (if the same as the shoe) will elongate your leg too.

Question #3:  Which of Kate’s more expensive pieces that you’ve purchased is the best investment?



Taken from Aquatalia.com

By far my Aquatalia Rhumba (Hi and Dry ) boots, when I first bought them I about died at the price $675 +tax (pretty much the most expensive thing I have ever purchased…or at least at the time). The suede on my pair holds up SUPER well, I have had them for 2 years and they still look new. I can run, jump play in them, LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! (my close 2nd would be my Links of London Hope Egg Earrings…I wear them all the time, they are just fancy enough for semi-formal wear but at the same time casual enough that I can wear them with jeans) Let me know what your BEST Kate purchase is?


Question #4: Do you think Kate’s chapeau’s and hosiery will spread throughout the world? I.e. Do you think it will become acceptable and in fact, a social norm to wear again?



Taken from Wolford Tights


Hose is AMAZING! I don’t think Kate’s influence in hose is really going to CHANGE the way every women thinks about it, however she has DEFINITELY helped the effort. With her influence regarding Classy/Demure/Feminine fashions, I do believe more and more women are more inspired to dress like a lady. When I wear hose, I don’t really experience people shocked at my choice to wear stockings (if anything people compliment me….stating its more ladylike ) I think that is the same idea with the Chapeaus. I recently started watching BOMB GIRLS (a Canadian drama series on Netflix), set in the WWII era most of the women are wearing hats, fit and flare dresses/coats, stockings, small handbags, etc. As I watched, I could totally see Kate in some of the pieces as well as myself. Nowadays women don’t leave much to the imagination when it comes to the fit/size of their clothing. Recenlty, I feel like everything is ill fitted/tight/poorly made. The 30’s/40’s/50’s eras, IMHO, had the best silhouettes for the female form and the classiest :). Women (regardless of their class) all looked AMAZING, chick and regal. I think, if anything, Kate has reminded us ladies that looking classy doesn’t mean frump.


Question #5: My sister and I love Kate Middleton and her fashion and we try to use her as a guide for our closests:) we would love to know where you find and have found some of your cheapest pieces? We are on a tight budget and love to shop in the clearance section :) 


So here is my secret, I shop at Nordstrom Rack (I use their Nordstroms debit card to rack up points and extra discounts..NOT A CREDIT CARD) I focus on their clearance racks (dresses and blazers mostly). Marshalls & TJ Maxx for specialty blouses/tshirts and jeans. I shop online for my EXACT Kate pieces, eBay is the BEST THING EVER, if you are diligent and have a good eye, you can find great designer product for PENNIES  (even better/cheaper if Kate’s name isn’t attached to the listing). Not a member? you can sign up here :)

https://scgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?RegisterEnterInfo&siteid=0&UsingSSL=1&co_partnerId=2 THINGS TO REMEMBER: 1. Make sure the listing you are bidding on or buying comes from a reputable seller (High Feedback Score).

2. eBay is strongly against replica/fake product; however it happens, so be careful.

3. The hardest part of bidding is when you think you’re winning the auction and at the last minute BAM! someone puts a bid in…IT SUCKS…however if you want a good price on an item it really is the best strategy for bidding…wait to the last minute (You only have enough time to make one bid so it makes sure you don’t get caught in a bidding war)

4. Using an online banking system like Paypal protects, you as the buyer, to loss, damage, not as described type scenarios.


ZARA is also a fantastic store, if on a budget, wait until their sale event…the prices drop tremendously (Same with H&M and Topshop)

 PART 2:

eBay is where I have found most of my SUPER awesome finds! (IE: satin prada pumps (nude and black), Diane Von Furstenberg Lio Coat, Katherine Hooker Blazer)

Question #6: How on earth do you tie your scarves?

I will tell you right now…things get creative in my closet. Depending on the type of coat I am wearing, the collar and the thickness of the scarf….you have to adjust length/fluffiness/etc. THE CLASSIC The Classic THE LOOP The Loop THE TIE Mens Tie THE DRAPE

the Drape

{NOW for the Giveway}


Our lovely and fellow Repli-Kator, Jillian Perry (Owner of the The Looking Glass Shop on Etsy) has offered 1 set of Green Amethyst Drop earrings, inspired by Kate’s Kiki McDonough Citrine Drop Earrings.

Amethyst Giveaway

Here’s how to enter the drawing:

Entry 1: Share a photo of one of your Repli-Kate Outfits on our Facebook Page OR  for those who do not use Facebook, comment here with your favorite Repli-Kate purchase (and where you got it)


Entry 2: Like The Looking Glass Shop Etsy Page on Facebook or Etsy (Let me know on Repli-Kate it that you have :) we are going with the Honor System here)




  1. Colleen Knecht says:

    Hi Repli-Kate, my boyfriend helped me post some photos. I bought the banana republic dresses right when they were released. Thanks for putting all this effort into this site. And I love what you put together about the scarves and boots and stuff. I love repli-kating. I have a daughter named Kaitlin, who also goes by Kate sometimes. Take care, Colleen Knecht

  2. Kristin says:

    My favorite replikate purchase is from QVC – the Temple of Heaven earrings! They look exactly like Kate’s and were around $30 instead of over $1,000!! I wear them all the time and get loads of compliments. Definitely one of the things you can dress up or down.

    I liked the Looking Glass page, too!

  3. Melissa says:

    My favorite repli-kate purchase is the Zara cornflower dress replica off of ebay. Although it’s not the original, I love how comfortable it is and how beautiful it looks.

  4. Emily says:

    Hello there!

    My favorite repli-kate purchse would have to be a vintage 70’s dress from a thrift store that looks very similar to Kate’s red whistles dress!

    I already like The Looking Glass Shop on FB!

  5. Staci Desmarais says:

    My favorite replikate by far is the day after the wedding Zara cornflower dress! It is incredibly versitile as far as styling it goes and it is just so flattering and timeless. I was lucky enough to purchase it from an eBay seller, who had no clue Kate had worn it so I got it for a steal!!

  6. Nicole says:

    I recently bought the Kate Middleton-Inspired Green Crystal Earrings from the TheLookingGlassShop on Etsy, the pictures don’t do these earrings justice. They are absolutely beautiful and look expensive (I’m very picky).

  7. Steph says:

    Liked the Looking Glass page! My fav replikateit is her purple Ralph Lauren cable knit sweater. I got mine from Costco, and it’s Tommy Hilfiger, love to wear it with jeans and brown boots!

  8. Julia Domok says:

    My favourite Kate dress I own is a Dorothy Perkins navy lace dress as a replikate for Kate’s Erdem dress. That is far my favourite Kate item that she has ever worn :).
    I also liked the Looking Glass shop on facebook.

  9. Ellie Baker says:

    Hi there, amazing giveaway!
    I love my polka dot dress, similar to the one Kate wore while she was pregnant. Though it’s not precisely a replikate since I got the dress about 3 yrs ago. Everytime I wear it I get loads of compliments! I also liked the Looking Glass shop on FB.

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