Outfits of 2013 POLL

Since we are coming up to the end of 2013, I thought I would do a POLL of the top ‘Liked’ outfits from Facebook.  Vote for 1 each month, from there we will vote for the top outfit of 2013.  Now, if you feel an outfit deserved a top spot and wasn’t chosen, feel free to comment…you never know…it may get enough votes :).  I will close polling for the first 6 months on the 31st, the remaining 6 months with be released on the 31st so that we can keep the ball rolling :).

(bare with me, this is my first time using the polling application…and let’s just say Im skeptical…I will edit if we have any issues)

Here are the first 6 months…



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February 2013

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MARCH 2013

March 2013


APRIL 2013

April 2013


MAY 2013

May 2013 

JUNE 2013

  June 2013

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