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Greetings Everyone! :)

I just wanted to keep my blog followers posted on what’s going on over on Facebook.  We are doing a Q/A regarding Kate’s Fashion/My Fashion/Kate’s Makeup/My Makeup/Etc/Etc, so if you have any questions (any at all) feel free to comment with them.  I will posting my answers/opinions here and on Facebook.



We have a little giveaway coming SOON! stay tuned to find out what it is ;)




  1. joy fortune says:

    First I would love to thank you for this blog, my sister and I love kate middletion and her fashion and we try to use her as a guide for our closests:) we would love to know where you find and have found some of your cheapest pieces? We are on a tight budget and love to shop in the clearance section:) (who doesn’t right?) Any advice would be great! Thanks for your time.
    From the repli-Kate’s in GA

    • replikateit says:

      LOVING YOUR QUESTION! :) I think this is the biggest part of Repli-Kating IMHO, I will definitley give you my Repli-Kate Routine when it comes to shopping. I am planning on posting my answers this Saturday :)

  2. Katherine says:

    I have found my best replicas by shopping Macy’, T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, Ebay., Boden, Talbots, Zara & such. I watch for items to go on sale. i have found blazers, etc., at Goodwill and other stores. My latest find was a dress very close to the McQueen that Kate wore playing hockey, early stage of her pregnancy…it’s not exact, but very similar Cost $5.00. Ebay has a lot of the same tartan print by Ralph Lauren, Talbots, Pendleton.

    I follow items Kate purchases. They do go on sale and are often affordable. I have often ran into sizing problems. If it is an item I love, I will attempt to purchase a size up and alter.

  3. Nicole says:

    I recently bought the Kate Middleton-Inspired Green Crystal Earrings from the TheLookingGlassShop on Etsy, the pictures don’t do these earrings justice. They are absolutely beautiful and look expensive (I’m very picky).

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