Leaving Las Vegas, Update Regarding Lace Kimono Blouse & Roksanda Ilincic Sample Sale Invite


My mini vacation has come to a close :'(.  I have just one last outfit from my trip to share with you. 30 minutes to shower and get dressed…all with 5 hours of sleep….definitely feeling the fatigue this afternoon.

Outfit 192

I found this lovely top at a 2nd hand shop, as well as the skirt.  Total cost for the two items, $6.  I wore my Stuart Weitzman Minx wedges again….I am telling you know these shoes are PURE heaven…worth every penny


As most of you are aware, we are all hoping and praying that LUXE BOUTIQUE is going to restock this awesome Repli-Kate of Kate’s Warehouse Kimono Blouse…..

lace blouse

Center, Right images taken from Warehouse UK

A representative for the Boutique left a comment with an update:

“Hello Again, this is Jana from Luxe Boutique. The latest info on this particular blouse is that we are in the process of getting more made. Our rep has been searching high and low for more of these and so far everyone she has called is also sold out. The owner of the company is actually out of the country but has been notified that more needs to be manufactured ASAP. Once they are, will will notify all the people who have called in to our store and also contacted us here on FB. We appreciate your patience and promise to keep you in the loop. These last few days we have been working on it” 

If you are interested and have not yet put your name down for the blouse, here is LUXE BOUTIQUE’S Facebook:



I don’t know how, but I am on the Sample Sale contact list for Roksanda Ilincic…It is a cruel joke…since I don’t live in UK, I can never take advantage of their awesome deals!


Taken from Matches Fashion

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 8.53.08 PM

Happy Shopping! and may the Sales be ever in your Favor!

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