Laura Marie’s Bridal Shower and Wedding Fun!


Brittany K.S. Davidson

“We are all fools in love”

– Jane Austen

This weekend was a big weekend for my close friend Laura (blogger over at she celebrated both her Bachelorette Party and Bridal Shower all in the same weekend (I AM EXHAUSTED).  The theme of her shower was ‘Tea Party’, which gave us the opportunity to dress up in colorful dresses and play around with fancy hats (because at the end of the day, who doesn’t want to wear a fancy hat around the house?…NOBODY…my point exactly :))

Framed Chalk Board RepliKate ItDaisy Bouquet

When we entered the Tea Party, Laura was greeted with this lovely framed chalk board and Daisies <3

Tea Party Spread

Laura’s future in-laws adorned the buffet with several cucumber sandwiches, curry sandwiches, quiches, scones, cookies, cheesecake and fruit….I STUFFED MY FACE…it was was sooo yummy.



I cannot tell you how cute these little cookies were!!!








TeaForte Tea was our choice of tea for the day…a tea I would strongly recommend…my favorite being the Black Currant Tea (Yum Yum)







LK Bennett Lasa Dress Wool Velour Hat

Laura’s Makeup:

Foundation – Clinique Tinted Moisture Surge CC Cream
Mascara – Clinique High Impact Black Waterproof Mascara
Eye powder – Clinique Neutral Territory Shadow Duo
Blush – Clinique New Clover 
Lipgloss – Lovely Me:Ex Lip tint Stick in Color 2 (by the Face Shop in Korea)

LK Bennett Lasa

Laura’s Outfit
Heels – Navy Suede Kitten Heels by Banana Republic
Dress – L.K. Bennett Lasa Dress in Snorkel Blue
Clutch – Stella & Dot Avalon Clutch in Cobalt
Hat – Navy Velour Beret by GirlFabulosity
Laura’s Hair
I opted for Laura’s hair pulled back away from her face.
I took the hair around her face and twisted two strands (on the left and right side) and pinned them along the edge of the fascinator, then pinned a single loop on either side, leaving room for a center loop.  I then took a center strand of hair and twisted it in the middle leaving three singular curls :).  I curled her hair once everything was in place and combed it out in order to create a softer curl.
 Repli-Kate It - LK Bennett Lasa Detroit Dresses
What I Wore
Shoes – L.K. Bennett Art Court
Dress – L.K. Bennett Detroit Dress
Clutch – Stuart Weitzman
Hat – GirlFabulosity
RepliKate It LK Bennett

We had a lovely “PHOTO OP” area, complete with an empty frame for playful pics (My favorite).


All the pretty maids in a row (The Bridal Party)

The Shoes…


So, we ran into a little predicament a couple weeks back when I thought I would be able to get Laura custom ballet flats for the day of the wedding, complete with a custom sole…I FOUND OUT NO ONE DID THAT :( :(

Due to my stubbornness and tenacity I decided that I would take matters into my own hands and create a one of a kind pair just for her.  I opted for a pair of LONDON SOLE Pirouette ballet flats due to how easy they are to break in.


1.  I painted the sole blue
2. I added a gold/cream extra fine glitter to the shoes to add warmth
3. I adhered a diamante button to the draw strings (angling it so that the light would catch it better)
4. Lining the interior sole with the Date of the wedding, their initials and the quotes “he does…” (in the left shoe) and “I do..” in the right.


Nothing like Blue Soles on the Bride’s Shoes :) :)


I used an Edwardian ‘Jane Austen’ Font…Yes, I am a fan.


London Sole wishes they had me on their design team ;) ;) 


I think I did a pretty fine job if I do say so myself…and NOTE: I am only gloating because I thought this was going to be an impossible task…but now I know, when I put my mind to it…it will happen <3
Happy Wedding Season to all of those participating in a Summer Wedding!!! I cannot wait to share photos from the actual day…LESS THAN 1 WEEK AWAY!

I leave you with my favorite photo of Laura from that day….She just looks so regal…one might say a Princess.




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