Gifting with CENTIME GIFT

Brittany K. S. Davidson

February 26,2015

Hunting for the perfect gift is always so tricky… ISN’T IT?!

especially when the person you are gifting has everything, or hasn’t given you a clue as to what they want…THIS IS MY CURSE.

Places like ETSY.COM are the perfect places to find that cute ‘something’ for someone special

Centime Gifts

Through my perusing, I came across a lovely little personalized jewelry company, CENTIME GIFT.  After ordering a few pieces and falling in love with the detail and design, I felt it necessary to have a little interview with the owner to get to know a little more about her inspirations, Repli-Kates and the perfect gift.

Pearl Acorn and Oak leaf Pendant

Oak Leaf and Acorn Necklace

Pave Button Pendant

Button Pendant

Buttercup Flower Pendant

Buttercup Flower Necklace


There are so many amazing pieces in CENTIME’S collection, It was difficult choosing, but for me it was all about the COORDINATES BRACELET, OVERHAND KNOT RING & the BUTTON PENDANT.  I tend to opt for extremely unique and simple pieces as to not fight with my wardrobe choices.

Coordinates Bracelet

Coordinates Bracelet

Coordinates Bracelets


What originally drew me to CENTIME GIFTS was how accurate their Repli-Kates are, so I just couldn’t resist getting one…given Repli-Kating is dear to my heart.

I decided on the Button Pendant, however the INITIAL CHARM BRACELET also caught my eye (THEIR EXAMPLE HAS A ‘B’ INITIAL…I MEAN REALLY…IT WAS TRULY MEANT TO BE), however I had to be disciplined and buy myself only one Repli-Kate :P.




Check out the FULL Line Here:


I strongly believe in getting to know the person behind such a creative endeavor, so without further adieu, meet GINNY the founder of CENTIME GIFT :)


Tell us something about yourself? A little bio ☺
My name is Ginny. I am from Chicago, IL. I have a small little boy who has re-defined everything I am since he was born.


When did you form Centime Gift?
The motivation to start Centime comes greatly from my son. I started it together with my friend Andrea earlier this year. Centime’s business is mainly personalized items so it will stay small and lovely forever for us to keep our work-life balance.


Have you always been a fan of jewelry, if so what would you consider your favorite piece of jewelry ever created or worn and why?

I am not a big fan of generic jewelry. I guess diamond is not my best friend. I am more into personal pieces and keepsakes that reminds me of the lovely people and moment in life.

Both Andrea and I are obsessed with gift-giving. We are just like Leslie Knope from the show Parks and Recreation, gift-giving wise. We like to celebrate every occasion imaginable and we take joy from the look on our beloved friends and family’s faces when we find gifts that surprise and please them.


 Do you design your own pieces, or do you take from current trends?
I never think of myself as a designer. It’s a word to describe people with much greater talents and skills, I think. I don’t follow trends either. I am more into those minimalist, classic, timeless pieces that everybody knows and loves.


What would you consider the #1 piece of jewelry all women need?

Her being comfortable in her own skin. Taking care of herself. And maybe a keepsake from her family.


How would you describe your personal style/jewelry style?

Minimalist, classic, timeless, appropriate but still modern. I think Kate does this style the best.


Are you a RepliKator? Did you stay up like half the world to watch the Royal Wedding?

I certainly can’t pull off everything that she wears but I am definitely inspired by her, a great deal. And I certainly did.


What made you decide to make RepliKate Jewelry?
They are just so beautiful, but not always affordable. They look like a million bucks but the everyday woman like you and me can still wear them easily. I just can’t help myself.


Would you ever consider going custom? Or increasing the amount of RepliKates in your store?

Most of my pieces are personalized. I will definitely create more RepliKates. I want to do all of her jewelries but my time is so limited. Please tell me which one I should do next.


  Do you make the jewelry in house? or do you have someone who makes your designs for you?

As of now I do with the help of my assistant but in the near future I will definitely need to get more help. I want to further improve Centime’s quality and service.


What’s your favorite Kate piece of jewelry? Outfit?
I can’t decide which one of her fabulous earrings I should crown my favorite. Please don’t make me answer such difficult question.


If you could only have one piece of jewelry for the rest of your life what would it be?

My wedding ring.


What’s your favorite Stone?

Citrine – the stone of November.


What’s your favorite Cut?
I love anything pear shaped or drop shaped.


Gold or Silver?
Rose gold, please. It’s a pity I can’t do rose gold at the moment.


Do you do this Full Time or is this your Hobby?

It’s my bread and butter.


What do you store your jewelry in?
I have all the gadgets: the purse, the box, the cabinet with silica gel bags, the hangers. They are not just for my pieces but for Centime as well.


What is the best way to keep your jewelry clean?
I can go on for days about this. But I will just bore you guys to death. Please read Centime’s “manual” that goes with the piece for my very informative speech on this topic.


How does one organize their jewelry closet?
Everyday wears. Investment pieces for important events and the rest.


Please store different metals separately. Make sure your earrings are always together and your necklaces not tangled.


Do you have any new pieces launching soon?
I am going to launch a personalized karma necklace, family ring, constellation necklace and bar necklace with engraved personal handwriting soon but they are all for the next holiday.


What’s your most popular item?

Aside from the RepliKate pieces, everybody seems to love the stackable name rings, the nameplate bracelet and necklace, and the russian ring necklace.

Personally, I love the two name rings and the roman numeral rings. They are just so young and modern.


One of my favorite pieces is your Coordinate Bracelet, reason being the buyer gets to decide what the bracelet says and where the location is? What inspired this bracelet and what would you make your coordinates bracelet say?

Where my son is born.


Will you be introducing more earrings to your collection?
Yes, I am thinking about adding some name earrings and monogram earrings as well as some more Repli-Kates.


It looks like Centime Gifts is branching out by not just selling jewelry but prints, do you think you will expand to other fashionable mediums, if so, what?

Right now we are very busy with jewelries. We sell very limited prints per month because it takes so much time to draw them.


Prince or Princess (are you hoping Kate will have a boy or girl?)

I hope God will bless her (and us) with a beautiful princess.


There you have it Ladies and Gents, a truly gifted woman with such an amazing talent for the simplistic and truly meaningful presents.





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