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Most recently I have had several discussions regarding fashion trends and the many stores that cater to the corporate push to crank out apparel for the fashionista masses (FAST FASHION)…Currently watching NY Fashion week isn’t helping either…I’m seeing the Spring/Summer collections and it sure looks like we have a lot of deconstruction and minimalism going on….and those pieces are by designers who KNOW how to drape…can you imagine if this stuff hits TARGET, WALMART or KMART?!?!?!


Zimmermann S/S

Zimmermann S/S


Jenny Packham S/S


 FAST FASHION brings up this question…..

“What makes it ‘In Style’ or  ‘On Trend'”?

…The Labels? the Fashion Editors? the Stylists? the Bloggers? the Celebrities? or the people that buy these garments? (ALL OF THE ABOVE)


What’s “On Trend” vs “In Style”, are they two different things?


I argue, Yes.


In my opinion, there are three types of consumers:

1.  Those who follow Fashion Houses, Magazines & Trends

ie: following fashion magazines, blogs, Style networks

2.  Those who use someone else as their inspiration

ie: following what public figures, friends, acquaintances choice in fashion as an inspiration for themselves.

3.  Those who follow ‘In Store’ trends

ie: Window Displays, whatever is most common in stores.


PLUS… your own taste (that of course comes into play)



Zara Coral Jeans, Stuart Weitzman Corkswoons & Michael Kors Purse


I personally follow #2, always have (Angeline Jolie is the 2nd to Kate in my inspirations) , along with my own sense of style (preference) and what I know works for my body.

this is where Repli-Kating and or Copy-Kating comes in.

So many articles have discussed Kate as a TRENDSETTER or argued she is not…and or her fashion sense is lacking.

the word TREND is defined as such:

a general direction in which something is developing or changing.

Thus, since there is a need, a market and an increase in styles similar to the Duchess’ …ergo she is a TRENDSETTER.


Credited: ShaunJeffers/

Credited: ShaunJeffers/

So how is it so many fashion magazines, editors, designers and ‘those who have opinions that need to be shared’ strike her down for not being ‘on trend’ or ‘in style’?  Kate follows her own beat.  She knows her place in this world and what she must represent, while still maintaining her own flare (flare isn’t the right word, she isn’t very boisterous with her styling…however she has maintained the same equation for her styling for years…she knows what works for her)

It’s obvious Kate avoids #3 & #1 (most of the time) using other Royals and woman in the same field as well the help of her designers to help mold her fashionable ensembles (okay maybe a little bit of #1 ;).  The designers integrate their current runway pieces into Kate’s wardrobe flawlessly always allowing for Kate’s own taste in fashion to be reflected….of course every once and a while Kate has a hiccup and her choice in outfit leaves us wondering Why?  But for the most part, Kate’s Style, for me, is spot on.

I’m not saying that there aren’t those who approve and applaud Kate’s choices, I’m just saying that for the most part the fashion world seems to be scratching their heads as to why Kate’s choices are trending…and I find that interesting…I think most of us woman have been waiting for someone to inspire classy…and lets face it, Kate’s bringing Classy Back.


Stuart Weitzman Zipkin

Stuart Weitzman Corkswoons w/ WAREHOUSE Cut Out Dress


With that, most woman don’t need an overly designed garment, with a price tag sitting at $2,000 (or even a FAST FASHION ITEM CLEARANCED AT $2).  We can go to our nearby Zara and keep our eyes peeled for a well structured blazer for a whopping $130 (or even better for $40 when it goes on clearance)…or a dress from WAREHOUSE on clearance for $30…or even a pair of shoes from NordstromRack for $10…(I’m getting excited at the thought of SALE!) We no longer need the #1’s to tell us where to shop or how to shop (TAKE THAT MAGAZINE EDITORS ;) :))

If anything Kate has taught us to ignore “Fast Fashion” and “In Style” and just keep to classic, well structured garments that represent us or the concept/designs we like…not some editor’s idea of what “IN STYLE” is.  She also has taught us not to throw out garments but put them away for a spell and then reincorporate them into our closets at a later date (this saves so much money!!!) There are too many aesthetics/designs out there, some that are ‘on trend’ or ‘in style’ that we will like, but for me, I am no longer a slave to the constant rotation of my wardrobe and the need to repurchase every season…and it feels good!





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