Day 1: Tour of LAS VEGAS

We got here around 3pm….and man oh man was it warm.  I opted for a pair of light weight jeans, linen top as well as colorful linen coat (for the early hours).  I had 30 minutes to get ready and was working with only 5 hours of sleep sooo I think I look pretty rested :)

Out Vegas

Once we got to Vegas I decided to change into some more comfortable attire, a custom made dress (made by yours truly) and a pair of flats.

Outfit 189

I love Michelle Jonas Clothing…however the pricing is not to my liking, so instead I made a dress like her HIPPIE DRESS.  I really recommend you ladies take initiative and either learn how to sew or have the confidence to make your clothing :)  It is an amazing thing to know how to do…your possibilities will be endless I AM TELLING YOU.  Just head to your local fabric/sewing shop and find out if they have lessons, you wont be sorry :)

Im headed out to din dins, tomorrow brings an awesome tutorial that I hope many of you will take advantage of.




While shopping for the perfect outfits for Las Vegas, I stumbled upon this amazing Blouse that looks just like Kate’s Warehouse Lace Kimono Top


As far as I know right now the Top, by ANGIE is a discontinued piece, however the boutique I purchased it from, LUXE BOUTIQUE in Arroyo Grande, CA is more than willing to get it reissued, so fingers crossed that they can make it happen.  Tune into the FB page or here for more info.

You can also contact the store directly to get more information or be put on a waiting list:

Luxe Boutique (JANA)
1(805) 489-6000


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