Copy-Kate It!


Hannah Jackson

As much as I LOVE Repli-Kating, sometimes items are still a bit out of my price range. That’s when I like to get creative and Copy-Kate!  A “Copy Kate”  is a term I use when I find a style or print that Kate has worn  as clothing and it appears on something other than the original outfit  This allows me to diversify my wardrobe and accessories,  but still keep the classically Kate style that we all love.


Anne Taylor Loft Wristlet

Anne Taylor Loft Pom Pom Mini Wristlet

This past holiday weekend (for those of us stateside)  I went shopping, because it’s my birthday week and I wanted to treat myself!! I ended up finding these cute wristlets (the Pom Pom mini pouch) from Ann Taylor Loft and it reminded me instantly of the LK Bennett Lasa Poppy Print dress that The Duchess wore on her Australian tour. Available in both a hot pink and deep blue, this was a perfect Copy-Kate find in my book.



Leopard Print Scarf w/ Black Top

Leopard Print Scarf w/ Black Top

Another one of my all-time favorite Copy-Kate’s in my wardrobe is my leopard print scarf. When Kate first appeared in Leopard print at the christening of the new Princess Liner Cruise Ship, I knew I wanted to incorporate it into my style/wardrobe. I’ve always been cautious with prints and patterns, I have always felt that animal patterns were out of my comfort zone. To make a nice comprise, I made a scarf (super easy, by the way! If you request! Im sure to share ;)) out of some leopard print material and paired it with a solid black top. Classically Kate with my own unique twist.



Banana Republic Eyelet Shorts

Banana Republic Eyelet Shorts

A popular summer trend and one that we saw Kate demonstrate Down Under, is the eyelet pattern. I love the eyelet because its whimsical and romantic but not too formal. A recent Copy-Kate that I located were white eyelet shorts at Banana Republic Factory Outlet stores. 




Vince Camuto Faux-Wrap Blouse

Vince Camuto Faux-Wrap Blouse

Kate seems to LOVE wrap dresses. And what’s not to love about them. They make any body type very flattering and you can dress it up or wear it down. I have a few myself but sometimes I want to branch out. Faux wrap tops are a perfect way to capture Kate’s style and diversify your wardrobe. I found some wrap tops from Macy’s neutral colors that I believe would be Kate approved for a  classic Kate look with a little twist. 




Now, some questions for you guys :


Do you ever Copy-Kate? 

What are some of your favorite Copy-Kate’s?

Do you have any ‘White Whales’ that you never bought and wish you had?

Would you prefer we post the newest Copy-Kate finds?






  1. Kates Closet says:

    Love those shorts! I MUST have them :) By your definition, I would consider myself more of a copy-kate than a repli-kator. I like making the outfits my own and prefer to have elements of the Duchess rather than head-to-toe replicas of her outfits (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I’ve always been confident with my style and Kate provides the extra inspiration that I need! Elizabeth x

    • Hannah says:

      I love the eyelet shorts! And they also come in Navy blue. Check out your Banana Republic Factory (Outlet) stores!!!! :]

  2. H says:

    Great post! I both copy-kate and repli-kate. As Elizabeth mentioned above, it’s nice being able to have your own style shine through, especially if some outfits don’t suit your tastes. My favourite copy-kates have been dresses with sleeves and the right proportions (especially length – I find many dresses come up to mid-thigh which makes me look squat, and are very uncomfortable!), which are surprisingly difficult to find. The Hobbs Wessex dress (and the Dorothy Perkins copy-kate) is definitely my white whale.
    Looking forward to more posts!

  3. replikateit says:

    I would have to say that my biggest “white whale” item, would have to be a white broderie dress I found at Last Call NM….it was on clearance and was gorgeous!…I still can’t remember why I didn’t purchase it :(

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