A Closer Look at Jenny Packham’s Blush Sequin Gown


Brittany K.S. Davidson

Jenny Packham, where do I begin?




No matter what aspect to Jenny Packham’s Label that you study, you will, in the end, walk away knowing/believing that she is the queen of utter whimsy and femininity…She is one of my all time favorite designers.

Image credited to Flickr.com

Image credited to Flickr.com

When I saw Catherine walking into the Ark Gala wearing Jenny Packham’s Blush Sequined Gown, my mouth dropped to the floor and I was forever obsessed with that dress.

Credit to JennyPackham.com

Credit to JennyPackham.com

Jenny Packham Blush Sequin Gown (Front)

Lucky enough for me, I came across Kate’s Gown on www.Preownedweddingdresses.com. What a great site! Preowned Wedding Dresses is full of gowns (usually worn only once, if that)….I strongly recommend you check it out, you never know what you will find there :).

Check Out the Detail

Something a little fun about this gown, is how sheer it is where there aren’t any sequins…kind of sexy.  However staying with Jenny’s ULTRA FEM concept the blush color keeps the fabric blending with your own skin tone, so no one will really know that the dress is see through in areas.

  Top Detail

There is a lovely slip underneath the dress that helps keep all stitch-work away from any sensitive skin.

Jenny Packham Blush Sequin Gown

Champagne, Silver, Gold, Pink Crystals adorn the gown in a myriad of patterns…It’s no wonder Kate accessorized her Gown with the Links of London Bubble Effervescence Bubble Stiletto Earrings.  If I could describe the dress it would be “A Bubbly Glass of Pink Champagne”

Links of London Effervescence Bubble Stiletto Earrings

Links of London Effervescence Bubble Stiletto Earrings

Jenny Packham Blush Sequin Gown

There are several tiny Swarovski Crystals all over the bodice, as well as tiny silver beads along the waistband.

Check Out the Technique

Jenny Packham Blush Sequin Gown Hemline

The Hem of the Gown is left exposed in order to hem to the correct length…if you are tall enough, you can leave it raw in order to mimic the top half of the gown (id hem it ;)

Jenny Packham Blush Sequin Gown

The Sequins, while the look very pink, are actually a very light pink/champagne color.   When the light hits them they tend to reflect the colors around them…giving off a more vibrant hue.

Jenny Packham Blush Sequin Gown

The sequins run along the same fabric used for the sleeves, a lovely shade of nude…which depending on your skin tone, will shift color.

Jenny Packham Blush Sequin Gown Beadwork

Jenny Packham Blush Sequin Gown with Slip

The slip is made of the same fabric as the gown itself, so that everything blends in.

Jenny Packham Blush Sequin Gown

The Sequins do their own thing, just like velvet, you are able to swipe your hand up or down to create an interesting pattern.

Jenny Packham Blush Sequin Gown Interior Detail

The Gown was made in India, based off of what the label says.

The sequins are looped through the fabric, strung along the entire line of the fabric (meaning…if you break one, its VERY easy to loose a line of sequins….this scares me….I’m going to have to be super careful)

All I can say is that A LOT of patience went into making this gown as there is detail I am still finding every time I look at it.

For those who are crafty, I hope you find this inspiring…a little peak into what it takes to make a dress for a Duchess.




  1. Jamie Davis says:

    Is there a pic where you are wearing it?? I so love this dress also, it floored me also, plus the one she wore at the end of the year at the military awards, the McQueen black velvet, I soooo drooled all over my computer screen when I saw that one.

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